Thursday, August 31, 2006

Taerith Romany

Taerith is the second oldest of the Romany children: twenty-four at the time of his banishment. He is quiet. If he had access to books he would be a scholar; if he had access to society he would be a monk. Since he doesn't have much access to either, he spends a lot of his time thinking. He's passably good with weapons, as are all of his siblings, but doesn't excel in woodcraft. He writes poetry.

Taerith is sensitive and something of a pessimist... given to depression and loneliness. He loves his siblings but doesn't especially connect with them. His nature has led him to look more deeply into the character of the Guardian and the history of his family than the others, and consequently he has figured out more about what's really behind his strange upbringing. He has more understanding of the Guardian than the others, and paradoxically is less afraid of him.

In fact, courage is possibly Taerith's greatest virtue. He often thinks that the worst will happen, but he is always willing to meet it bravely.

Rachel Starr Thomson

I wrote my first novel at the age of thirteen and have been at it ever since. I am a homeschool graduate, the oldest of twelve children, and am committed to seeking and loving my lord Jesus Christ more every day.

In my professional life, writing takes center stage: over the past few years, I have worked as a freelance editor, writer, and coach. Currently, I teach writing through Write At Home. I am the owner and chief errand girl of Little Dozen Press, a small publishing company based in my home in southern Ontario, Canada. I am official overseer of the Romany Epistles, and will be making the books available in published form upon completion.

Heart to Heart: Meeting With God in the Lord's Prayer, my first published work and the firstborn and guinea pig for Little Dozen Press, will be released in the first week of September '06.